gan members receive

1. Personal Accountability

Each member invites GAN leadership to observe, evaluate and share in personal activities that encourage the testimony of Christ in ministry or personal life.

2. Spiritual Covering

Each member receives certification, validation and confirmation of their ministry with invited input and synergistic participation of the GAN family.

3. Opportunities to learn together and nurture spiritual growth

Each member is encouraged to connect with other GAN members in experiencing ever advancing spiritual encounters for mutual edification and further ministry preparation.

4. A place of acceptance and belonging:

GAN offers the fellowship of those who understand the cost and commitment of ministry along with the testimony of a shared journey.

5. Accessibility to seasoned ministers for insight

GAN has many veterans in ministry who are readily available for encouragement and seasoned counsel in ministerial situations of all kinds.

6. Personal counseling in times of need, celebration and discovery

GAN offers assistance in personal counseling where there is a need, along with mutual celebration in times of advancement and rejoicing as our members move further in new spiritual discovery.

7. A safe environment to share openly about life

Life is fraught with unseen challenges and conflicts. GAN provides a safe opportunity to process life challenges with trusted leaders, whether they be spiritual or physical.

8. Ministerial encouragement from like-minded ministers

GAN offers to every member encouragement and celebration of their life and call, regardless of the current success or challenges of ministry.

9. Godly and Biblical resources

GAN can assist in directing members toward ministry resources, be they educational or furthering knowledge within the body of Christ.

10. Love and identity

GAN seeks to represent the Father's love for each member and provide in that love, a unifying sense of identity and belonging.

11. Support and encouragement for spouses and family

GAN seeks to provide support and encouragement for its members who are experiencing trials or personal conflict.

12. Credible history of organization

GAN possesses a credible long-term organizational story that may easily be shared.

13. Ethical approach to serving in the kingdom

GAN holds that all of its members represent the Lord Jesus, and will strive to maintain an ethical and observable approach to ministry and lifestyle.

14. Global view of ministry

GAN holds that the purpose of ministry is to advance the kingdom of the Lord Jesus to the whole world, by every member participating in any way possible to fulfill that goal.

To download the current GAN roster – you must be a current member of the network to access the directory. If you do not know the password, please e-mail to request it. Please be sure to give your name in the e-mail.



GAN membership is open to pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets, apostles, domestic and international missionaries, worship leaders, outreach ministers, traveling ministers, para-church ministry team members, and Christian workers.